Student Testimonials 

"Ms. Livina made the class very pleasant and I felt confident about my ability to pass the test and skills exam after taking her course!"

 - Cameron O.
"My experience in Wonder Health Career Institute is something for the book. I made some new friends and Mrs Livina is a really great instructor. If you're looking for the best place to get your Nurse Aide certification and want to pass the state exam, this is the place. She may act like she's angry sometimes , but she's not. You'll love her."

-Jasmine D.
"Ms Livina is a great instructor who is very serious and straight to the point. I was able to pass my written and skills exam on the first try immediately after finishing the 4 week class. Thank you."

"I had the pleasure of completing the CNA class and it was a blessing. Mrs. Livina is a professional and plays no games. If you follow her guidance you will be able to pass your exams the first time."

-The Marathon Continues
"I came into this class with the idea that it was going to be difficult but Mrs.Livina completely proved me wrong. When I applied too the class she will provides you with scrubs text book and even a pay plan if you can’t pay in full. The class is one month long and cheap, not only the program being cheap I had the best experience yet. I came in this class because I want to get experience in healthcare and start working in hospitals or retirement homes. In one month I have learned so much. I am the type of person that fails every test but the way she taught changed everything. Everyone in her class passed the tests and got to practice the skills for hours and hours. The state exam is coming soon and I’m confident that I am going to pass it because of Mrs.Livina. I appreciate everything she has taught me and I will definitely be missing her and the way she teaches us."
-Vanesa O. 
"Miss Livina is a great instructor.  She taught us very well, explaining everything clearly and in detail.
Best teacher.  Best place to get my CNA certificate."

Nimrah S. 
"Mrs Livina is a Very good and efficient teacher. I love the way she teaches.she is a good instructor."

- Abimbolanie O.