Nurse Aide In-Service Education 

Wonder Health Career Institute is a DAD approved
NATCEP In-Services Education / Seminar
provider for Texas Certified Nurse Aides.
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Seminar Objectives 

The Nurse Aide in-service education is designed to satisfy the 24-hour in-service education requirement, which is part of the Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) renewal process (TAC; Title 26; Part 1; Chapter 556; Rule §556.9). "Effective September 1, 2013, a Nurse Aide renewing a certification must complete at least 24 hours of in-service education every two years that includes training in geriatrics and the care of residents with a dementia disorder, including Alzheimer’s disease."

Course Objectives 
After completing this course, participants will be able to: 

LESSON 1: Caring for the person with Alzheimer and other Dementia (8 hrs.)

LESSON 2: The challenge of Dementia: managing activities of daily living (8 hrs.)

LESSON 3: Preventing Falls in the Elderly (8hrs.)

LESSON 4:  Preserving Dignity for people in your care (8hrs.)

LESSON 5: Improving Communication Skills for better care (8 hrs.)

LESSON 6: The Importance of Observation and Documentation (8 hrs.)

LESSON 7: Preventing Abuse and Neglect: a guide for caregivers (8hrs)

LESSON 8: Working Safely: Body Mechanics in health care (4hrs.)

LESSON 9: Providing Continuity of Care: Death, Dying, and Grief (8 hrs.)

LESSON 10: Workplace Violence: Prevention and Management of Aggressive Behavior (4 hrs.)

LESSON 11: Understanding your Responsibilities: Confidential and Private (4 hrs.)

LESSON 12: Home Care Safety (4 hrs.)

LESSON 13: Responding to the Spiritual and Psychosocial Needs of those in your care: (4 hrs.)


Cost and Schedule 

$100 / 24 - Hour In-Service Education

Classes Start Every Friday
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM 

Certificate of Completion 

Certificate of completion will be issued to students who successfully complete and pass the quizzes from each lesson. 

Required Form 

After successful completion of the In-Service Education, you and your employer are required to fill out an “Employment Verification" Form. (Form 5506-NAR).  You are required to complete and sign section one of the form and your employer will complete section two of the form which then will need to be notarized.  Follow directions provided in completing the form.

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